9D Medium Wire Drawing Machine with Annealer

Model: 9D
Control System Dual Inverters
Inlet Wire Dia. F3.0-4.0mm
Outlet Wire Dia. F0.9-2.8mm
Speed (Max) 900MPM
Dies No. 9
Slip Ratio of M/C 19.5%
Fix Speed Capstan Ratio 16%
Capstan Tungsten
Capstan Dia. 280
Fix Speed Capstan Die. 280
Annealing Current DC 0-3000A
Annealing Voltage DC 0-50V
Frame Welded
Revise System PID Synchronous System
Transmission Type Gears
Pay-off Type Over Head
Traversing Type Synchronous Decelerate Motor
Bobbin Loading and Unloading Type Shaft Type
Tension Control Weight Balance by Swing Arm
Lubrication Type Immerse Type
Main Motor 37kw(AC.)
Take-up Motor 15kw(AC.)
Loading Capacity 1200-1800kg/200-500kg
Brake Pneumatic Brake
Power Source 380V 50/60Hz
Weight 4600kg
Dimension 3500 x 1200 x 1250mm