Rod Breakdown Machine with Annealer

Model RBA450-13D RBA450-11D RBA450-9D
Inlet Wire Dia. F8mm (Copper) F8mm(Copper) F8mm(Copper)
Outlet Wire Dia. F1.2-4.0mm F1.5-4.0mm F2.0-4.0mm
Speed (Max.) 25m/s 22m/s 18m/s
Capstan Dia. (Max.) 450mm 450mm 450mm
Dies No. (Max.) 13 11 9
Annealing Current 6000A
Annealing Voltage 60V
Annealing Capacity 360kva
Ratio of M/C. 23.6% 16.6% 23.6%
Transmission type Precision Ground Helical Gears
Capstan Tungsten Coating Capstan
Motor Control DC Motor Digital Control
Control System Human-Machine Interface
Main Motor Power(DC) 280kw 250kw 225kw
Capstan Power(DC) 75kw 75kw 75kw
Dual Take-up Motor 30 x 2kw 30 x 2 kw 30 x 2 kw
Optional Accesseies Continuous Annealing Machine

Auto. Dual Bobbin Take-up Machine

Auto. Coiling Machine

Pointing Machine